Tales From The Trips

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This book is about outdoor recreation and how nature travel recreates people by relaxing the body, nourishing the mind, and filling the soul.  Cycle through 50 cities and towns in western Europe and glide down mountain passes on skinny tires. Have close encounters with grizzly bears and king salmon as alpenglow lights up Alaska’s Mt. McKinley. Feel the power of the world’s highest tidal change in Canada’s Bay of Fundy as a mother sea gull feeds her babies.  Wake up to the rocking and rolling rapids of the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers as whitewater splashes you in the face.  Get nose to nose with wild donkeys as you navigate the dark and winding roads of Virgin Islands National Park. Motor on the highest paved road in America and view and taste Rocky Mountain elk.  Travel back in time as you climb, crawl and squeeze through Ancestral Puebloan dwellings in Colorado and New Mexico. Cross-country ski among frosted Mt. Hood National Forest and see your life flash before you as your car does a 360 on an icy patch of highway 26. Experience the miracle of life in Costa Rica as disoriented baby green sea turtles scurry across the sand to start their long sea journey.


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