Animals may be off nesting somewhere because they haven’t been around our feeders lately. Only one yellow finch spotted today despite new thistle in the feeder.  A couple of mourning doves visited the south feeders but not much else.  It was also quiet at Oxbow Regional Park where I went to volunteer as a roving naturalist.  As Janis Ian sings, “Nature’s at peace everytime you hear the rain”.  Few people were at the covered picnic area, campsites and boat launch. The seasonal naturalist and I  brought a few animal pelts down to the boat launch where we quickly talked to two picnicers before it started raining.  Because of the weather and low visitor turnout, we decided not to set up an information table.  Next we drove to picnic area A where a group of families were playing music on the autoharp, banjo, mandolin and fiddle. We set the pelts up on the picnic table and took turns talking about them.  Two adults and three children listened and asked questions.  The only wildlife I saw during my brief visit was a tree squirrel.

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