7/9/11-Roving Naturalist

Riding my yellow and green mechanical grazer/browzer in my backyard,  a shadow in the grass appears.  Was it the spirit of the song bird that died last night after colliding with melted sand that appeared as air?  The dark shadow appears again imprinted for a moment on the labrinthe pattern in my mown grass.  This time I look skyward, and the flying spirit is a bird of prey with outstretched wings circling through the blue sky.  I realize that the spirit that first passed my way was a shadow puppet that flew between me and the sun  like fingers in front of a flashlight in a dark tent.  But I’m a certified volunteer naturalist and must identify this creature correctly to earn “my wings” in the field.  I take another look as the bird of prey flies further away and higher in the heavens.  It was either an osprey or a redtail hawk I conclude. Since I have a family of redtails nearby and have seen them gliding from tree to tree. My final answer is a redtail since it appears to be hunting over land not like the fish hawk called osprey. I wonder if the redtail eats carrion.  Maybe I should leave the thrush’s dead body on a fence post for him to prey upon.  I would love to see him up close like I do the yellow finches that flock to my thistle feeder daily.

2 responses to “7/9/11-Roving Naturalist

  1. 7/13/11

    Discovered cougar (mountain lion) scat in our driveway this morning. It’s not often that we see these creature around here but I have talked to neighbors who have found their scat. Stray dogs and cats beware!

  2. 7/14/11

    Beautiful reddish-orange sunrise today made the high white clouds pop. Two ground squirrels fed on south and eastside feeders and posed at the birdbath and clay strawberry planter. Northern flicker made an appearance on the south and eastside feeders. Yellow finches continued to feed everywhere they could, moving from thistle to seed feeder effortlessly. Yesterday, upon hearing a loud crow alarm call, I gazed towards the burn pile to see the small crow harassing a juvenile redtail hawk as it took to the air from its perch on top of the bird pile. Nature rocks!

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