Misty morning brightened by mourning dove and robin bird songs.  Two immature redtail hawks fly to and from white oak to tall douglas firs, screeching to and fro.  The haunting sounds echo through Clear Creek valley.  I stand outside to watch their graceful movements and listen to their sounds.  Afternoon while weeding, I hear cawing crows chasing one redtail away  from its nest in the tall evergreens across the street.  Meanwhile in the lower altitude flight paths, yellow finches chirp and tweet as they take  turns at the thistle and sunflower seed feeders. Male and female grosbeaks appear at the front feeder and along the ground underneath.

One response to “6/28/11

  1. 7/10/11

    Three high pitched whistles preceded two lower pitched whistles. The same sound pattern answered back. I looked up to the source of the bird calls and saw an immature red tailed hawk on top of the highest evergreen on the forested ridge across the street from my house. The hawk kept whistling even when another hawk stopped answering. The whistling continued for several minutes as I walked up to the crest of my driveway and back towards our front door. When I told Carol what I heard, she concluded that the hawk was calling for its mother.

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