One response to “Nature Rocks!

  1. 6/21/11
    Happy Summer Solstice! Mother Nature blessed us with sunny skies as blue as the ocean. Yesterday in rural Clackamas County, signs of deer browsing on our newly planted and blooming rose bushes. Carol smelled unine in the flower beds and I confirmed that deer had chewed the new shoots growing from the top of the bushes. We disagreed how the deer got in our fenced yard. Carol (aka Jessica Fletcher) noticed two split rail posts dislodged from our decrepit fence and deduced that the deer jumped over our wire and wood fencing to access our yard. I asked why would the deer go to the trouble of jumping the fence when they could more easily wandered through the open gate leading to our gravel driveway. I dismissed her theory after examining the wire fence and finding no bent wire our disturbance in the field from which they would have jumped. Deer tracks often appear on our drive way so I’m convinced that they entered that way. What do yyou think?

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